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Critical Writing on “Humilitas” by John Dickson

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The book “Humilitas” by John Dickson offers powerful ideas that can empower many believers and non-believers. This fascinating book begins by exploring the issue of humility. The author uses evidence-based arguments in order to present the best ideas.

Humility is a powerful human virtue that can make many individuals successful (Dickson 12). Many cultural groups “have used the virtue of humility to address most of their problems” (Dickson 29). This value explains why human beings should use their ideas and resources wisely. The practice has encouraged a large number of people to support their neighbors and friends.

The author has also described the concept of service in his book. According to the text, “a person’s virtue will result in dignity” (Dickson 33). Human beings should embrace the power of humility in their lives. However, the practice should become a personal choice .

The agreeable fact is that the practice can produce the best outcomes. The role of humility in leadership is also undeniable. For instance, a humble person or leader will acquire new traits thus becoming successful. Some of these traits include “ persuasion, authority, ability , and example ” (Dickson 32).

Leaders who embrace these aspects will eventually become successful. Some individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ used the above values and concepts thus becoming great leaders. Humility can also produce a new virtue called persuasion . Such an individual “will always become an example to others” (Dickson 41).

Another powerful value presented in the book is “honor”. Many people have embraced this value in their lives. Honor makes it easier for many people to achieve their goals. The life of Jesus Christ encourages many people for focus on the best goals.

Humility will encourage “more people to learn from their friends” (Dickson 37). This approach makes it possible for many people to succeed in their lives. This “virtue can also produce many good people in the society” (Dickson 58). The religious diversity of the world explains why humility should always be a priority.

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The practice will produce a better lifestyle. The approach will also encourage more people to deal with the issues and challenges affecting their lives. The author of the book has identified various attributes that can make more people successful. For instance, the book explores the importance of common sense and persuasion .

The story of Joe Louis goes further to explain why human beings should embrace the power of humility. This “virtue is powerful because it can transform the experiences of many leaders” (Dickson 49). The practice will ensure more Christians achieve their potentials.


Dickson’s masterpiece offers accurate and evidence-based ideas that can transform the lives of many people. To begin with, the author examines the issue of humility from different perspectives. The book describes how the Romans and the Greeks used the above concepts in order to achieve their goals.

They also focused on the best virtues such as helplessness and greatness. Such virtues encouraged the Romans to focus on their goals. The author also explores the practices and ideas presented by Jesus Christ. He became “the best example of humility by supporting the needs of many people in the society” (Dickson 37).

The author also examines the issue of leadership. According to Dickson, “leadership is a form of art” (Dickson 34). This knowledge explains why leaders should perform well and focus on the needs of their people. The book is worth reading because it presents the best arguments.

Many people have ignored the power of common sense. Human beings should use common sense in order to achieve the best goals. According to the book, church leaders and politicians should “use common sense in order to achieve their potentials” (Dickson 75).

Parents and relatives should be humble throughout their lives. The approach will make it easier for them to support the needs of their friends. The text also encourages leaders and preachers to acknowledge their limitations. They should also “refuse to show their superiorities and powers” (Dickson 56).

This practice will make www.trustpilot.com/review/edubirdie.com them more effective and eventually support their goals. The acknowledgeable fact is that “humility is not a sign of weakness” (Dickson 56). That being the case, leaders “should be real in order to achieve their potentials” (Dickson 83). They should also empower their people in order to emerge successful.

Many cultures and societies have failed to use the virtue of humility. This malpractice has made such societies less successful. Humility makes it easier for many preachers to respect the worldviews of their friends and followers. This “practice will encourage more people to respect and love one another” (Dickson 175).

The author encourages his readers to focus on the best ideas in order to emerge successful. Human beings should embrace the best practices in order to support one another. Every person should embrace this virtue in order to be happy. A sense of trust will eventually make more people successful. The author uses the best ideas and approaches in order to empower more people in the society.


https://www.yelp.com/biz/edubirdie-wilmington This book uses evidence-based ideas and researches in order to present the best arguments to the reader. The book examines how human beings can develop powerful values and virtues in their lives. Such virtues and values will make it easier for them to achieve most of their goals.

The text also encourages more individuals to form the best relationships. The topics and themes presented in the book are applicable in different situations. Leaders can embrace such ideas in order to achieve their goals. The text also examines how “human beings can embrace the power of common sense ” (Dickson 83). The teachings presented by Jesus Christ also encourage more people to embrace the concept of humility.

Many organizations, families, institutions, and churches can also benefit from this book. The book encourages more people to respect one another. This practice will produce “happiness and support the needs of the less fortunate” (Dickson 122).

Preachers and pastors should therefore become humble leaders. They should use the power of humility to understand, guide, and support their followers. The ideas presented in Dickson’s book will make many preachers successful. The book offers powerful insights that can empower more believers.

The arguments presented in this book encourage more leaders to embrace the best values. Humility can “be a simple practice in a person’s life” (Dickson 157). However, the virtue encourages more people to make the best changes in their lives. This fact explains why every person should read Dickson’s book. According to the author, humility can encourage more people to focus on their religious, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

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